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Hadrians Luck Clive Franks

Hadrians Luck

Clive Franks

Published May 1st 2014
Kindle Edition
80 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

With an old Roman coin deep in his pocket: Mark, aged ten or thereabouts, is dreading PE at school. Its not that he doesnt enjoy sports, but that, well, hes not very good at them, and, he hates the way the other children laugh at him. Even Mr Duffy, the class teacher sometimes loses patience with him. As a huge challenge for the children, Mr Duffy builds a huge obstacle course in the school hall. He divides the class in two and asks the children to select their teams. As usual, Mark finds himself unwanted and left till last.Luckily, the Roman coin appears to hold a kind of magic, whenever Mark grips the coin and wishes he was somewhere different, he is strangely transported back to Roman England. A time when the Roman Legions are besieged by Barbarian tribes.The worst of all the Barbarians, a man named Skuldark, along with his henchman- Knuckles, rules the lands surrounding the Roman Legions with a spiked fist. Skuldark is determined to steal whatever he can from everybody, but especially, the Romans.In order to find his way home, Mark must make new friends and find a way through the lands of the Barbarians, but first, he must overcome his fears and lack of confidence. Enemies lurk around every corner. Will Mark be able to reach home safely?